Mindful Millie is a children’s book about an elephant called Millie. She is a very peaceful loving character who maintains her positive mental health and cares for others by acting mindfully. It is my dream that this book will help children to understand mindfulness and use it in their everyday life not only in order to deal with their emotions and stresses but to savour and get the most out of their enjoyable experiences.

Arthur is a mouse and he lives in his purple house with his two children Susie and Wilson. One day he has a fright, but tries with all his might to overcome it. Explore anxiety with your children and get them to open up about worries and fears; help them to use mindfulness to live in the moment without anxiety over the past or the future. 

Sad Simon is all about a young Bassett Hound. Like all of us, he sometimes feels sad. Simon explains that for some the sadness can last much longer and have a bigger effect on life. Luckily he gets in touch with this friend Mindful Millie who helps to teach him ways to use Mindfulness to feel better. 

As Lisa goes through life, she has a series of “first days” and comes to realise they aren’t as scary as they seem. Read this book with your children and explore their feelings and thoughts leading up to starting school, joining a new group or hobby or general anxiety about the future.

Being Mindful of Our Planet uses science, compassion and initiative to explain what climate change is and how it is effected by human activity. Exploring everything from fracking to deforestation, from fast fashion to travel. What can we do to save the planet? Ever wondered what other countries are doing to help the planet?

A picture book based on the chapter book ‘Real People’ for young children, to show them that everyone is unique and inspiring in their own way.

Eco Evie loves animals and being in nature. One day after talking with her auntie about the amount of plastic on her local beach, Evie decides to contact her friends across the world to ask what problems their countries are facing. She wants to help plants and animals everywhere. Evie loves getting the replies in the post and you will too!

Do childhood dreams come true? What are other people scared of? What have others overcome? 
“Fickle friends will come and go but the people who matter will always be there” 
“It is very easy to compare yourself to other people. It might always feel like there are people who are more clever, funny or confident than you are. But comparing yourself to others will never make you happy and neither will putting yourself down! Believe in yourself. There are so many things about YOU that are absolutely amazing”. 
The perfect book to reassure teens who are going through a tough time.

“Fantastic ! Children are able to relate to this book and learn the skills to becoming more mindful. Highly recommend”


“Brilliant book – very relatable for children and a lovely read as an adult. I can’t wait to share this with my Year 1 Class next year! The children enjoy talking about their feelings and mindfulness is something I’m looking forward to trying with them as a next step!”


“The book has gorgeous little illustrations, as well as the simple, inspiring answers of ‘Real People’.
It’s a lovely idea for little ones to motivate and inspire them and to show them that everyone worries and has to overcome things in their lives.
Would definitely recommend!”


“This is a fantastic book for helping children to be aware of being present in the moment and aware of themselves and how they feel. The illustrations are beautiful and overall it’s a very well presented and visually appealing book, hopefully the first of many more!” 

– Rhiannon

“Mindful Millie is an amazing book that makes mindfulness easily accessible to people of all ages, regardless of any prior knowledge (or lack of!) about the technique.” 


“Having read the free kindle edition will definitely be purchasing a hard copy for my oldest child. I can see all my kids eventually reading and then revisiting this book throughout the challenges of making their way through highschool, college etc.”

Miss C

“Great little book with cute illustrations for helping kids with questions about climate change.”


“Even though I’m older, Sad Simon rings true for me. I really enjoyed the story and loved the illustrations. I can’t recommend this book enough to kids as they grow and mature and go out in the world to live their life.”


“This is such an adorable book relying such an important message. Kids are especially sensitive to overstimulation and big feelings. What an awesome story teaching us that not only is feeling those sensitivities, but also acknowledging and accepting them into our lives. The way the author words it is great too – giving kids the chance to try out mindfulness right along with the characters. And the illustrations are adorable. Nice work!”


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