Mindful Millie is a children’s book about an elephant called Millie. She is a very peaceful loving character who maintains her positive mental health and cares for others by acting mindfully. It is my dream that this book will help children to understand mindfulness and use it in their everyday life not only in order to deal with their emotions and stresses but to savour and get the most out of their enjoyable experiences.

Sad Simon is the sequel to Mindful Millie but also a stand alone book. Simon is a young Bassett Hound. Like all of us, he sometimes feels sad. Simon explains that for some the sadness can last much longer and have a bigger effect on life. Luckily he gets in touch with this friend Mindful Millie who helps to teach him ways to use Mindfulness to feel better.

Anxious Arthur is a mouse and he lives in his purple house with his two children Susie and Wilson. One day he has a fright, but tries with all his might to overcome it. Explore anxiety with your children and get them to open up about worries and fears; help them to use mindfulness to live in the moment without anxiety over the past or the future.