The trick with bricks

I use this technique I learnt in CBT and it really seems to help.

the trick With bricksI thought I would show you how to use this CBT Visualisation Technique.

  1. Draw a picture of yourself and imagine that the there are bricks on your shoulder weighing you down.
  2. Then fill in the bricks with different things you are worried about – you can go into as much depth as you would like – obviously I’ve kept mine quite general and non-specific as I am putting it online.
  3. Now you have done this, take each brick at a time and break it down into smaller pieces
  4. Look at each piece and try to see if there is a way you can work through this, if there is anything that can help to take the weight of this brick off your shoulders. e.g: I chose America as one of my biggest sources of anxiety, for my husbands career it makes sense to move there for a few years so we are trying to address some of those fears.IMG_1232I hope this helps!

Louise x

p.s Massive thank you to Lucy who helped me out with some of these solutions!

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