A day in the life – a wandering pram

Today’s blog is by the lovely Joanna over at The Wandering Pram.
When I saw Louise Tribble looking for guest posters for #blogtober on her blog, because “with a little baby I’m struggling to find the time to type” my heart went out to her. I know first hand how difficult it can be to keep a blog going, as well as caring for a baby and living your life. I admire anyone that can post every day, but my schedule is much more erratic.
The worst thing for me, is that often at the end of the day when someone asks me what I’ve done I end up saying “nothing much”. I imagined maternity leave would be a bit like a holiday with days out and mummy brunches every day, but very often it is much more mundane, and life isn’t like you see on social media.
So here I am sharing a typical day in the life for me and my 7 month old baby…to give people an insight into what nothing much means…and why us mummy bloggers sometimes don’t get time to write.
2.00am Night time feed.
5.30am Hear baby wake up. I keep very still and hope she goes back to sleep. Success she drifts back to sleep.
6.30am OK this time she is properly awake, I can see her little face looking up to see where I am. Rewarded with a huge smile when I pick her up, and bring her in to my bed for morning cuddles and singing.
6.45am Morning breastfeed in bed
7.00am Nappy change, leave her in her night vest but put on some warmer clothes on top, and hand to daddy for cuddles while I nip to the bathroom.
7.15am Grab a quick cup of tea and slice of toast for me while she plays with daddy, until he goes to work.
7.30am Baby plays on her mat on the floor. She is trying to crawl and rolling all over, so I need to keep a close eye on her so she doesn’t bang off the furniture. I watch the news on TV and check social media with one eye, but I’m always ready to swoop in and wipe up dribble.
7.40am Nappy change again already – I recognise the signs – but I caught it before the nappy leaked so no need for a full outfit change this time. Mid way through the change she went again, so the changing mat got poo on it, so needs changing. Actually relieved to get this out the way so early in the day, rather than when we’re out and about.
7.50am Put a load of washing in the machine.
8.00am Put baby into her high chair for her breakfast. Make fried banana with weetabix and she starts yelling because it’s not coming quick enough. I spoon feed her the weetabix, but she keeps getting distracted by the washing machine so it takes a bit longer than usual, and I need to give lots of encouragement and sing a few songs. I then give her some toast fingers . She can pick them up and chew them, but I’m still worried about her choking so I have to stay and watch her. It’s a lovely time of the day as she really enjoys her food, so it’s nice to watch.
8.15am Wipe her hands and face clean – this is something she doesn’t like so can often end in tears.
8.20am Walk round and round the living room rocking her on my shoulder. She is tired and rubbing her eyes, but I don’t want to put her to bed straight after eating.
8.40am Put her back into her cot for a nap.
8.45am Go for quick shower and get dressed.
8.50am Check and she has gone to sleep.
8.50am Wash up the breakfast dishes and wipe down the high chair.
9.00am Administration – today this consists of sending quick email to work about my return dates, and renewing my car tax.
9.10am Cook some broccoli florets for her lunch.
9.30am Hear her wake up – nappy change and put her in fresh outfit for the day.
9.45am Breastfeed- which turns into a game of peekaboo when she pulls a blanket over her face and starts peeking out.
10.00am Today we have no classes or groups to go to, and haven’t made any plans so we go for a walk with the buggy, go look at the beach and grab a quick takeaway coffee. It’s great for us both to get outside, I really miss this when it is raining. She used to sleep in her buggy so I timed walks for naptime, but now she stays awake and likes looking round.
11.00am Home and blending last night’s dinner for her lunch while she sits in high chair. Unload and hang up the washing. This is something she really enjoys watching, and she giggles whenever I hold up socks (don’t ask me why but she finds it hilarious).
11.15am Strip her down to her vest and then feed her lunch, lentil cottage pie and broccoli.
11.30am I read a book to her – she can’t understand but likes looking at the pictures.
11.40am Some more playtime on the floor. I’m stacking up cups so she can knock them down.
12.00pm Back upstairs for naptime, I stay with her while she settles.
12.15pm I’ve spent lots of time preparing her food, but forgot to get anything in for me, so raid the freezer and make myself an odd lunch of random things.
12.30pm Cup of tea and a biscuit.
12.45pm Decisions, decisions, I probably have about an hour free before she wakes (although some days she wakes earlier), so some days I will work on blog posts, and others I’ll stick the TV on and watch an episode of one of my guilty secret shows.
2.00pm Hear her wake up – nappy change, dress her again and breastfeed.
2.15pm Play on the floor together. She isn’t yet sitting unsupported so we play with a few toys with me supporting her to practice sitting up.
2.30pm Watch a quick episode of Hey Duggee together.
2.35pm Sing some songs and do some baby yoga/massage/stretching moves to encourage arm and leg movement and help get rid of wind. Rewarded with a big trump in the face.
3.00pm Make cup of tea, but she is bit restless so rush to drink it while bouncing her on my knee.
3.15pm Remember that when I was making cup of tea I took ice cube tray of baby food out freezer to warm a little so I can decant the food into bags, and free up the tray to freeze last nights dinner. Just manage to do it, before it melts too much, but can hear banging noises from living room, so don’t have time to freeze the next
3.20pm The banging was her pulling books off a shelf. No injuries but move them all out of arms reach.
3.30pm Some more playtime on the floor. Encouraging crawling by putting toys just out of arms reach and she loves wriggling to get them.
3.45pm Out for another walk to the supermarket to get food for tea. She falls asleep just as we are getting back into our estate, so I do another loop so she can nap for 20
5.00pm She is very giggly so we have some tickles.
5.15pm I try to make a start with dinner while she is in high chair, but she is restless so I abandon it.
5.30pm Feed her tea, mashed banana and peanut butter.
5.45pm She is back trying to pull at the books, so I pick her up and read her some nursery rhymes.
6.00pm Turn on the news to catch the headlines.
6.10pm Her face lights up with delight as daddy is home.
6.20pm She plays with daddy while I make our dinner and get it in oven.
6.40pm Bathtime – we don’t do this every night but it’s great fun as she loves splashing.
7.00pm I give her last breastfeed and put her in her night vest. Daddy then puts her to bed.
7.15pm I do the washing up or load the dishwasher.
7.30pm Quick wipe of the floor around the high chair and her play mat. Put some of her plastic toys in a bucket of steriliser. I don’t do this every night but she got a bit sick on a few of them today.
7.40pm We eat our dinner (hopefully together, but if she is taking a while to settle we might take it in turns).
8.00pm We watch an episode of something on TV together, or maybe even a movie. Might have a cheeky glass of wine.
9.00pm Checking social media and publishing any blog posts I got finished during the day.
9.30pm Remember that I still need to freeze the food portions, and plan what food I will give her tomorrow, and get anything out the freezer that needs defrosting. Take the toys out of the sterilizing solution and lay them out to air dry.
9.45pm Bedtime. Try and sneak into the room without waking her.
11.00pm Please don’t wake up….let me sleep….no…first night wakeup and feed.
So there it is, a typical day of doing nothing. It might not be very exciting, but it’s very rewarding, and I’ll miss it when I’m back in work.
This is in no way a suggestion or recommendation for what anyone else should do. It is just what works for us right now. Last month it was different, and next month it probably will be again, because babies never stay the same.
I just wanted to give you an example, so next time a mother says she is doing nothing you are not picturing her sitting with her feet up relaxing. And if we are a bit irregular posting on our blog you know why.
Check out Joanna’s – blog here.

2 thoughts on “A day in the life – a wandering pram”

  1. I love this. I am due any day now with our first. I am anxious to see what our day to day life will be like. My husband and I both work from home, so it will probably look a bit different from many SAHM’s days.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    ~ Ray


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