My favourite places in Stockholm

Karlaplan – This fountain is absolutely glorious in the sunshine and I find so much peace sat on the bench watching the world go by.


I obviously have a thing for fountains?! Haha. I love it here because there is a beautiful view and it’s also outside my favourite museum (below).


This picture is taken inside Medeltidsmuseet  (Medieval museum) I love this museum because it has lots of little replica buildings inside showing what it would have been like and I know as a kid I would have had the time of my life! I’m so excited to take Elle when she is older. Oh and did I mention… it’s FREE!


This is a picture of me at the Bergiansa Trädgården (Botanical Gardens). It is an absolutely beautiful place to go and not far from the Natural History Museum (coming next!). There are two greenhouses full of amazing plants from all over the world. Unfortunately this visit I was too hot and tired to go to the second one so let the in laws wander alone while I sat with a cold lemonade – but they came back with pictures of the giant lily pads and straight away I wish I had gone! Nevertheless we went and sat on a bench in the shade next to a beautiful pond and I daydreamed of bringing Elle here for picnics. Oh and they also do amazing Coconut macaroons!


I love these steps down to the water in Kungsholmen. The steps are shaped like an amphitheatre and it’s a really nice place to have a picnic!


Skansen is awesome! I’ve only been once but I think I could visit a hundred times. It’s a museum with lots of old buildings from across Sweden but it also has a zoo with Bears, Wolves, Moose and other awesome animals! I could have spent all day watching the bears – they looked so happy playing and swimming in their pool!


Tössebageriet is my favourite place to go for Fika – they have amazing cakes and they are one of the few places I’ve found which actually serve English Breakfast tea!


Gamla Stan is the old town that used to be Stockholms capital. It’s so lovely to walk around with all the cobbled streets!


Naturhistoriska riksmuseet (the National History Museum) is amazing.  As you can see from the pictures below it has all kinds of different things and its also FREE! 32095372_168359300504284_3286594839885381632_n32121741_583940568645624_6146439220979302400_n

The photo below was taken in Djurgården an absolutely beautiful park with (as you can see) incredible views. If you walk through this park you reach Rosendals Trädgård a lovely greenhouse cafe which serves food grown in its own gardens (they also do amazing macaroons!!).


Rosendals Slott (palace) is also in Djurgården. I haven’t been inside but it is beautiful outside and in a very peaceful place! Funny story – I went there the other day with the in-laws and I said “Oh Helen, look! There’s a dog over there with really short legs and an orange coat!” to which she replied “Louise, that’s a robot lawnmower”. Oops!


I do like my palaces! Kungliga Slotten (the royal palace) is in Gamla Stan – The Old Town. This is the picture inside the church. It is great to look around but very expensive so it’s best to go when you have plenty of time to make the most of it.


A weird one to add to the list here but I think we just need to take a second to appreciate how beautiful the children’s hospital is here!


Have you been to Stockholm? I’d love to hear about your experiences and if there is anywhere I need to add to my list!

Louise x

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