Lavender, the stuff of dreams

I don’t know about you but I get really bad knots in my back and I get aching joints a lot, especially during the change of seasons or when the weather changes! Maybe I’m like Karen from mean girls and I can feel it, but just in my bones not in my boobs!

I used to mix a few drops of lavender essential oil in some baby oil to put on while I was aching because it really helped, but also smelt a lot nicer than deep heat.

When I found out that BDT do a lavender scented body fluff I just had to try it. Now when I’m in pain I have a nice warm shower and then plaster myself in this beautiful fluff.

It’s as soft as clouds and leaves you feeling glowing but without the greasiness I find with other products. The smell of the lavender relaxed me so much and I curled up in my pyjamas feeling cosy and wonderful.

I’d definitely recommend trying it for yourself.

Find out more here

2 thoughts on “Lavender, the stuff of dreams”

  1. I have a lavendar wheat bag that I heat up and put on any aches I have! It always relaxes me so I might have to try this! Great post 🙂 x


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