Happy new year


Hello everyone,

I’ve been a bit quiet recently as I’ve not been feeling great. It just seems like it has been one thing after another recently and it has taken it’s toll on my little family.

I’m hoping that 2019 will be a gentler year for us with more stability. In 2018, we started off the year with me being really unwell with Hypermesis Gravidarum, add to that having to plan a move to another country not knowing whether I would still be sick at the time. I finally published my second book Sad Simon, not long before making the move to Sweden at 7 months pregnant.

Adjusting to Swedish life was really difficult with a new language and new health system to get my head around. Saying that, once I found my midwife I had the most incredible care.

We had our beautiful baby in the summer, a little girl and she is the biggest blessing after a long wait and health scares. I wrote all about my labour and birth if you are interested in that kind of stuff, I actually enjoyed writing about how different Swedish aftercare is.

We adjusted to parent life quite well considering we were so far from family and help. We had a few scary moments as I’m sure all parents do, but being a hypochondriac mother means being on the edge constantly (I wrote a blog about it.. here). I also really struggled with a few people feeling the need to tell me what I was doing wrong as a mother, I wrote about this in my post Sticks and Stones.

We have made wonderful friends this year who I feel incredibly grateful for, and I have learnt a lot. Although I am missing my friends from home, it is a lot easier than I thought to stay in touch with my closest friends because they make such an effort to stay in touch and are so interested in hearing about our life and supporting us, and they know I’m always at the end of the phone if they need a chat.

In 2018 I became more active on twitter and I’ve met some incredible people online who I consider friends, there is a great community on there (as long as you take care not to let any of the trolls upset you).

It’s been a funny year, it has had so many positive things – but I do feel like I’m ready for 2019. With a cancelled trip to the UK due to our little dog being sick (thankfully he is ok now!), all of the stress of moving to a new country and everything else. I’m not completely convinced a calm year is possible for 2019 as we don’t know where we stand living in the EU when Brexit comes around (see my post on the embassy meeting here).

My two goals for 2019 are to learn Swedish and to focus on a healthy mind – consistently practising mindfulness.

Oh and also, publishing my new book… Anxious Arthur! Yes you heard it here first, there is another on the way. It’s all written, I’m just waiting for enough money to commission my wonderful artist. So, if you would like to get your hands on my newest book, you can purchase or tell your friends about Mindful Millie and Sad Simon. I need to sell another 200 copies to be able to get my next one on the go.

And as ever, thank you all so much for your continued support, you will never know how much it means to me. I wish you all a wonderful 2019 and send love to you all.

Louise x


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