I can’t believe I forgot to tell you

Well, I was so shocked by this news that I didn’t really believe the email I got, I thought it must have been spam, so I actually waited until I got paid to check if it was true… and IT WAS!

In October 2018 I got this email…


I was a little confused because surely my book couldn’t have been one of the most popular so I looked up how they are chosen and found here, and it says: “The top 100 most read illustrated kids’ books in the U.S. and the top 25 in the U.K. will receive Illustrated Kids’ Book bonuses. Kids’ Book bonuses will be awarded based on total KU and KOLL pages read for the first time by KU and KOLL customers during the month.”

KU means Kindle Unlimited and KOLL means Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

I was gobsmacked. Mindful Millie was in the TOP 25!!!!!

It might never happen again but oh my goodness I am still (4 months later, seriously, how did I forget to tell you?!) over the moon.

So, when you read on Kindle Unlimited, every page counts! Thank you all so much for your support it really means the world to me.

Louise x


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