It’s a special day!


Today I turn 25

Today I release two books!

I worked together with Cat Medway to produce two books on climate change. One is for adults – Being Mindful of Our Planet (e-book) and the other is for kids – Eco Evie (e-book).

When you purchase Being Mindful of Our Planet $1 will be donated to tree planting charity 

With every 10 purchases of Eco Evie one copy will be donated to a school/organisation. If you would like to nominate a school or organisation that you think would appreciate a copy, please get in touch!

eco evieEco Evie loves animals and being in nature. One day after talking with her auntie about the amount of plastic on her local beach, Evie decides to contact her friends across the world to ask what problems their countries are facing. She wants to help plants and animals everywhere. Evie loves getting the replies in the post and you will too!

Untitled design.png

Being Mindful of Our Planet uses science, compassion and initiative to explain what climate change is and how it is effected by human activity. Exploring everything from fracking to deforestation, from fast fashion to travel. Buy Being Mindful of Our Planet today and find out how people around the world are doing their part to save it.

I have also set up a new blog specifically for the environment chat so if you are interested in the climate, nature and science please give me a follow on here too!

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me with this project, and everyone who plans to buy a copy – THANK YOU!




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