Mysterious noises…

Well, yesterday was quite an eventful day here in Stockholm.

So at 3pm I heard a huge noise, it was kind of like a car beeping their horn for a loooooong time, over and over and over again…. but so loud, I thought, this is so weird. Then I realized it was the alarm that goes off as a warning of large fires, explosions or war. Luckily I got a pamphlet a year ago to warn me about these tests, but it didn’t stop me panicking.

I couldn’t remember the Swedish word for the alarm so I couldn’t even google it, so even though that’s what I thought it was I was still a bit on edge!

Then at 3.30 there was a massive bang. I thought oh my god, it sounded like a bomb!!!

There have been a few bombs not far from Stockholm this year so I was quite scared. I looked on the news but couldn’t find anything, until today! Turns out it was an airplane breaking the sound barrier!

I messaged a Swedish friend today and he said the unofficial name for the alarm is Hesa Fredrick, while the official is Viktigt Meddelamde till Allmänheten.

According to the localIt was nicknamed ‘Hoarse Fredrik’ (‘Hesa Fredrik’) after a Swedish columnist at Dagens Nyheter in the 1930s, Oscar Fredrik Rydqvist, noted that it sounded like himself when he had a cold.

The alarm goes off – klockan 15.00 den första helgfria måndagen i mars, juni, september och december. (3pm on the first Monday of the month in March, June, September and December).

Such a weird coincidence and all in all, a really weird day!!

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