I know some people think that New Years resolutions are silly and they only last a short time before being forgotten, and although I’m inclined to agree, it does not stop me from making them nonetheless.

It’s the one time of year I feel optimistic and excited for the future. Even when I’m in a bad place, I always get comfort from imagining that the next year will be better.

I tend to write my resolutions as more of a bucket list of what I want to complete or achieve in the next year, rather than needing to change my behaviors, I think this is a more attainable thing.

I suppose you can see the need for change behind the wishes for example: developing mindfulness skills, sticking to a schedule which includes self care, and keeping organized are all behaviors related to mental wellbeing. Writing letters, deleting social media and nurturing important relationships are all behaviors related to socializing.

So perhaps my method is no different at all.

Ever since a young age I couldn’t imagine making it through another year, so I have no idea why I have always been optimistic in the last few days of the year.

Whether you celebrate the new year or not, I wish you joy and comfort in the coming months.

Louise x

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