Chronic pain

My stomach is swollen and scolded red,

They still think the pain is all in my head.

No hot water bottle is hot enough,

And now my skin is way too tough.

The scars staring back at me always say,

‘There’s nothing we can do, so go away.’.

The doctors gave up so I should too,

What else could I possibly do.

My pelvis feels like it’s been crushed with an axe,

It can’t be fixed with just heat or ice packs.

It feels like I’ve been stabbed up through my cervix,

And my ovaries have been filled with heavy bricks.

Twisting and pinching from the inside,

There is absolutely no where to run and hide.

My whole body aches and I’m so tired too,

I’d love to say this only happens to a few.

Women are suffering every single day,

Because healthcare was designed to keep us at bay.

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