Real People

Today I have some very exciting news.

My next two books are out!

Both versions of Real People give an insight into the lives of a diverse group of people so that children of all ages can learn how unique people are, and hopefully be inspired by their stories.

“Real People” for children (an illustrated book) and a chapter book for young adults.

The Kindle editions will be free TODAY ONLY.

Children’s book:

Chapter book:

If you would like to support me you can do so by:

*”buying” the books on kindle for free

*leaving a review

*asking friends or family to do the same

*liking or sharing my social media posts about the release to get it seen by more people

Lots of love, Louise ❤️

Mysterious noises…

Well, yesterday was quite an eventful day here in Stockholm.

So at 3pm I heard a huge noise, it was kind of like a car beeping their horn for a loooooong time, over and over and over again…. but so loud, I thought, this is so weird. Then I realized it was the alarm that goes off as a warning of large fires, explosions or war. Luckily I got a pamphlet a year ago to warn me about these tests, but it didn’t stop me panicking.

I couldn’t remember the Swedish word for the alarm so I couldn’t even google it, so even though that’s what I thought it was I was still a bit on edge!

Then at 3.30 there was a massive bang. I thought oh my god, it sounded like a bomb!!!

There have been a few bombs not far from Stockholm this year so I was quite scared. I looked on the news but couldn’t find anything, until today! Turns out it was an airplane breaking the sound barrier!

I messaged a Swedish friend today and he said the unofficial name for the alarm is Hesa Fredrick, while the official is Viktigt Meddelamde till Allmänheten.

According to the localIt was nicknamed ‘Hoarse Fredrik’ (‘Hesa Fredrik’) after a Swedish columnist at Dagens Nyheter in the 1930s, Oscar Fredrik Rydqvist, noted that it sounded like himself when he had a cold.

The alarm goes off – klockan 15.00 den första helgfria måndagen i mars, juni, september och december. (3pm on the first Monday of the month in March, June, September and December).

Such a weird coincidence and all in all, a really weird day!!

Stockholm bucket list

I’m finally doing some of the things I’ve wanted to do since I found out I was moving to Stockholm!

A couple of weeks ago I took my first dip in Lake Mälaren (the water surrounding Stockholm). Many people don’t know but Stockholm is an archipelago – made up of lots of little islands. I love this fact because a lot of the islands can be walked around easily and I love to be beside the water.

My friends moved to a new apartment right on the waterside and we celebrated by going swimming. The water is really clean which I think is pretty impressive considering it surrounds a capital city! The weather was beautiful and the water was so refreshing. Incredibly cold but it just made you feel amazing.

The night before we went swimming I saw an otter in the water which was incredible! I was over the moon.

Next on the list was to go to Gröna Lund and I heard that one of my fave Swedish artists was performing there so it was time for a ‘moms night out’ as my friend Courtney put it! We had a blast!

We got thee early so went and sat by the waterside for a couple of drinks!

We took it in turns to say Skål / Iechyd da / cheers 🥂

You don’t even want to know how much these cost….. (somewhere around £22)

Jireel was pretty awesome and I had soooooo much fun dancing the night away. Here’s a link to one of his songs.

Afterwards we went for a drink in Kungsträdgården and had Mojitos and chips!

This girl is fabulous. She didn’t even like the music we went to see but she went because she knew I really wanted to go – now that is friendship!

Can’t wait to tell you about more adventures soon!

Louise x

Real People

I’m working hard on my next books – Real People.

I had this idea that children and young people should all realize how much potential they have, and that it doesn’t take winning a Nobel prize or becoming famous to mean you’re successful.

I’ve interviewed quite a few people about their lives and asked for honest answers about their childhood dreams, their life now, their strengths, fears and what they have overcome in life.

I really hope that these books will help young people to understand that they are not alone and that they can achieve incredible things in life just by being themselves.

The plan is to release a picture book for children with a kind of fact file and a chapter book for young adults/teens.

So excited to show you them.

Louise x

It’s a special day!


Today I turn 25

Today I release two books!

I worked together with Cat Medway to produce two books on climate change. One is for adults – Being Mindful of Our Planet (e-book) and the other is for kids – Eco Evie (e-book).

When you purchase Being Mindful of Our Planet $1 will be donated to tree planting charity 

With every 10 purchases of Eco Evie one copy will be donated to a school/organisation. If you would like to nominate a school or organisation that you think would appreciate a copy, please get in touch!

eco evieEco Evie loves animals and being in nature. One day after talking with her auntie about the amount of plastic on her local beach, Evie decides to contact her friends across the world to ask what problems their countries are facing. She wants to help plants and animals everywhere. Evie loves getting the replies in the post and you will too!

Untitled design.png

Being Mindful of Our Planet uses science, compassion and initiative to explain what climate change is and how it is effected by human activity. Exploring everything from fracking to deforestation, from fast fashion to travel. Buy Being Mindful of Our Planet today and find out how people around the world are doing their part to save it.

I have also set up a new blog specifically for the environment chat so if you are interested in the climate, nature and science please give me a follow on here too!

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped me with this project, and everyone who plans to buy a copy – THANK YOU!




A new book

I am so excited to introduce you to Anxious Arthur!


Arthur is a mouse and he lives in his purple house with his two children Susie and Wilson. One day he has a fright, but tries with all his might to overcome it. Explore anxiety with your children and get them to open up about worries and fears; help them to use mindfulness to live in the moment without anxiety over the past or the future. Third book in the series along with Mindful Millie and Sad Simon.

I would incredibly appreciate any shares and reviews!

Louise x

Interviewing Anna Kirs

Getting to know the talented Pilates instructor Anna Kirs. Once a dancer, now specialising in Body Control Pilates she is an interesting lady indeed.

Anna KirsHey Anna, tell me a little about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Anna Kirs. I am born and raised in beautiful Estonia, lived in Denmark for the past 6 years where I got my education in Global Nutrition and Health to become a health coach and my certification in Body Control Pilates. Now, based in Stockholm.

I have a long background in ballet and contemporary dance, so a lot of my knowledge and practice comes from personal experience in dealing with stress, burn-out, anxiety, depression, nutrition-related issues and physical injuries. Now, I am just really eager to share that knowledge and help people to feel good about themselves and like they’re on top of their game – to enjoy life, instead of struggling constantly!
I feel most alive when I am being able to be creative.
I am a big animal lover, and like to advocate for sustainability and climate change.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

There is no place like home. A few years ago, I took a road trip on an Estonian island called Saaremaa with my mother. We listened to Estonian folk music and just took in the vastness of the nature there. Spontaneously spent the night in an old windmill by the sea side with dozens of swallows waking us up in early morning. I really connected to my home country again, after being away for a long time. So, I’d say Estonian forests, moors. But my heart is also really full when I am at the sea side.

How important is self-care for you?

I have learnt my lessons the hard way – my health and my body are really my compass when it comes to being satisfied and happy. So, I’d say it’s very very important. I still have a long way to go though getting my own habits on the right track and developing healthy routines – old habits die hard, as they say. But as an advocate to healthy lifestyle it’s very important for me to ‘practice what I preach’. That said, I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack every once in a while and not take life all that seriously all the time.

What kind of Pilates do you teach?

I teach Body Control Pilates. It belongs to the biggest and renowned Pilates Associations in Europe and I am very very proud to be representing Body Control as the first instructor in Sweden.

I consider this style very suitable to a very wide range of people with different backgrounds and physical abilities – the exercises and techniques are very easily modifiable to the client’s needs. The aim is to work towards knowledge and habits that are sustainable, something that one could practice in their everyday life – I’ve had many of my clients say that they have become much more aware of their “harmful” habits when it comes to sitting and standing, breastfeeding positions.

This style works with concentration, relaxation, alignment, breathing, centering, co-ordination, flowing movement and stamina. I would have a lot more to say about Body Control and my practice, so if you’d like to know more, feel free to check out my website: .

What made you choose it?

I had a lower back trauma that was unbearable. I was taking a lot of pain medication and didn’t really have a way to take care of myself. I have a really close friend Teele Ude who is also a dancer and a Body Control Pilates teacher, an amazing one at that, and she gave me a quick session during our rehearsal one day when she saw me in pain. Despite my scepticism about Pilates (an unsuitable teacher can do a lot of damage), I was blown away. She helped me release tension in just 10 minutes and the pain was gone. After that she told me about the teacher training in Copenhagen at ROH Studio and I am just so grateful for her guidance!

When is your next course?

I am just starting a new open-level Pilates course at Studio Yogansa. It is taking place every Thursday at 17:00 – 17:50 from 7/2 till 25/4. More info can be found here. I also have a postpartum Pilates class on Thursdays at 11:00 – 12:00 from 7/2 till 25/4. More info can be found here.
In addition to that I teach private classes, duets and closed groups – some people require for me to work with them on a bit more deeper and personal level.

Do you have a Facebook page?

I sure do: Anna Kirs Pilates

Thanks! Xoxo

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you

Well, I was so shocked by this news that I didn’t really believe the email I got, I thought it must have been spam, so I actually waited until I got paid to check if it was true… and IT WAS!

In October 2018 I got this email…


I was a little confused because surely my book couldn’t have been one of the most popular so I looked up how they are chosen and found here, and it says: “The top 100 most read illustrated kids’ books in the U.S. and the top 25 in the U.K. will receive Illustrated Kids’ Book bonuses. Kids’ Book bonuses will be awarded based on total KU and KOLL pages read for the first time by KU and KOLL customers during the month.”

KU means Kindle Unlimited and KOLL means Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

I was gobsmacked. Mindful Millie was in the TOP 25!!!!!

It might never happen again but oh my goodness I am still (4 months later, seriously, how did I forget to tell you?!) over the moon.

So, when you read on Kindle Unlimited, every page counts! Thank you all so much for your support it really means the world to me.

Louise x


So, you’re an author?

mindful millie (34)

Have you always wanted to be an author?

Not really, I never really thought I would ever publish a book. Every now and then I’d dream about being a writer; spending my days in cosy coffee shops planning my next chick lit book – but I never even imagined writing books for children. I don’t know why, because now that I’ve written them I feel like it was the perfect thing for me to do.

Where did you find your inspiration?

The idea behind Mindful Millie came after a very long struggle with anxiety and depression. I spent over half of my life very unwell, every day was a battle to stay alive. I had quite a bad breakdown and it was after that I found a self-help book on Mindfulness and it changed my life. Suddenly I could cope, I could get through the day, avoid panic attacks and felt well enough to eat and even leave the house. After a couple of months practice I even started a voluntary administration job which I never thought I would be brave enough to do. It was then that Millie popped into my mind and I was determined to publish the book and to help children to learn these skills and spread awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health. Not long after Sad Simon was also published! I hope that if children are equipped with these skills and feel able to discuss feelings and emotions they will never end up in the state that I did.

What’s next?

Well, I’m spending time with my baby for the time being, but that doesn’t put my imagination on hold. I’ve already written the next one and I’m planning with the illustrator now, so Anxious Arthur will be along soon!

Louise x

You can find my books here…

Mindful Millie

Sad Simon

Happy new year


Hello everyone,

I’ve been a bit quiet recently as I’ve not been feeling great. It just seems like it has been one thing after another recently and it has taken it’s toll on my little family.

I’m hoping that 2019 will be a gentler year for us with more stability. In 2018, we started off the year with me being really unwell with Hypermesis Gravidarum, add to that having to plan a move to another country not knowing whether I would still be sick at the time. I finally published my second book Sad Simon, not long before making the move to Sweden at 7 months pregnant.

Adjusting to Swedish life was really difficult with a new language and new health system to get my head around. Saying that, once I found my midwife I had the most incredible care.

We had our beautiful baby in the summer, a little girl and she is the biggest blessing after a long wait and health scares. I wrote all about my labour and birth if you are interested in that kind of stuff, I actually enjoyed writing about how different Swedish aftercare is.

We adjusted to parent life quite well considering we were so far from family and help. We had a few scary moments as I’m sure all parents do, but being a hypochondriac mother means being on the edge constantly (I wrote a blog about it.. here). I also really struggled with a few people feeling the need to tell me what I was doing wrong as a mother, I wrote about this in my post Sticks and Stones.

We have made wonderful friends this year who I feel incredibly grateful for, and I have learnt a lot. Although I am missing my friends from home, it is a lot easier than I thought to stay in touch with my closest friends because they make such an effort to stay in touch and are so interested in hearing about our life and supporting us, and they know I’m always at the end of the phone if they need a chat.

In 2018 I became more active on twitter and I’ve met some incredible people online who I consider friends, there is a great community on there (as long as you take care not to let any of the trolls upset you).

It’s been a funny year, it has had so many positive things – but I do feel like I’m ready for 2019. With a cancelled trip to the UK due to our little dog being sick (thankfully he is ok now!), all of the stress of moving to a new country and everything else. I’m not completely convinced a calm year is possible for 2019 as we don’t know where we stand living in the EU when Brexit comes around (see my post on the embassy meeting here).

My two goals for 2019 are to learn Swedish and to focus on a healthy mind – consistently practising mindfulness.

Oh and also, publishing my new book… Anxious Arthur! Yes you heard it here first, there is another on the way. It’s all written, I’m just waiting for enough money to commission my wonderful artist. So, if you would like to get your hands on my newest book, you can purchase or tell your friends about Mindful Millie and Sad Simon. I need to sell another 200 copies to be able to get my next one on the go.

And as ever, thank you all so much for your continued support, you will never know how much it means to me. I wish you all a wonderful 2019 and send love to you all.

Louise x