“We recognise the importance of physical health in children, and give mandatory P.E lessons throughout school, so why are we scared to broach the subject of mental health with them?

Mindful Millie and Sad Simon are a wonderful antidote to this reluctance to talk to children about the importance of mental well-being. The simple and powerful message and the beautiful illustrations make what can seem like a scary topic seem natural and entirely age-appropriate.”

One More Light

“People are too afraid that they are going to judged, dismissed or people will think they are weak and it’s a even worse in young men, it’s annoys me when boys and men are told to ‘man up’ and I’ve even seen out in public that a little boy is crying and he’s told to stop being a girl because he’s upset, why shouldn’t men cry!! If they are upset it’s a perfectly alright thing to do, but they are afraid they will look weak so I think more books like this should be around to help children with their feelings and to build positive mental health techniques.”

Midland Mummy

“I love how the author has drawn upon her own struggles with mental health to recognise the importance of early intervention in mental health. And this book proves that no one is too young to begin thinking about how to capture every moment mindfully and learn techniques to build a positive mental health.”

That Little Outfit

“Mindful Millie is a great book to introduce mindfulness and being mindful of others. Working in a primary school setting I appreciate how important teaching mindfulness is to a generation of children who are spending most of their time behind a screen.”

Amy – Mothering A Rainbow

“Mili Meddwl – Louise Tribble (2017) Mae Mili yr eliffant yn byw yn y presennol. Mae’n defnyddio sgiliau meddwl i ddal pob eiliad ac i helpu eraill drwy ddysgu technegau i adeiladu iechyd meddwl positif. Ymunwch â Mili gyda’ch plant a gallwn adeiladu dyfodol positif gyda’n gilydd.”


Cardiff Met Alumni @CMetAlumni· It’s #FeatureFriday! Read how @cardiffmet alumna & author Louise Tribble is encouraging mindfulness in children”

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