Cinnamon bun

There’s nothing quite like the smell of cinnamon at Christmas.

This delicious body fluff is an ideal gift for the holidays and perfect for this time of year so if you fancy trying it I would order some now!

The cinnamon in the body fluff actually exfoliates your skin when you rub it in and it feels amaaaazing.

I wouldn’t use it before wearing a skirt or a short sleeved top but it’s absolutely perfect for putting on when your going to cosy up in your pjs, watch Elf and drink hot chocolate.

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I finally got my hands on some body fluff from BDT cosmetics and Oh. My. Word.

The only downside to it is it smells SO delicious I just want to eat it. I’ve always been one to enjoy pampering myself and getting lotions and potions as gifts but honestly, I find it really hard to motivate myself to moisturise.

Soap – easy, it’s a must use in the shower and this gorgeous coconut ice soap bar from BDT cosmetics was beautiful. I felt so clean and it smells amazing, plus something about the pink and white colour makes me feel calm.

When I got out of the shower I decided I’d go for it and test out the body fluff too. Now honestly, I hate the sticky feeling of having creams and things on my skin and how cold they are but as soon as I opened the lid and dipped my fingers in the fluff I knew it was a different story!

This stuff is magic, the thing of dreams. It feels fluffy and so so soft, I covered myself in it from head to toe and I felt amazing and best of all it didn’t feel sticky at all AND it was warm!

I smelt amazing (and I’m usually cornered in baby sick so that was a nice change!).

Every night since I’ve found myself asking my partner to look after the baby just so I can sneak off for a shower & to apply some more body fluff. I feel like it’s a ritual I never want to end and I can’t wait to try more flavours!

Louise x

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