The book launch

The big day had finally come, the release of my first book Mindful Millie!

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the book launch

I can’t really believe how well Saturday went – it went amazingly. The decorations went up without a problem, I had beautiful prints of the photos Caitlin took at the photo-shoot up on the wall (see pics here), my friend decorated the cakes for me while I prepared the rooms.

So many people turned up, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that were there to support this venture. The lovely illustrator Rhiannon came along with her family and it was so nice to see them there, I met the gorgeous little Harry Pugford¬†and his mum who’s writing a very exciting book too (which I cannot wait to read).

I was really nervous about the reading because I’ve never been a fan of attention or public speaking, I nearly left university because of the anxiety around presentations leaving me sleepless and without appetite for weeks before. Luckily I managed to keep the anxiety until the day of the launch by staying mindful but when it came to the moment I have to say I found it difficult. But, I DID IT! and as soon as I got in to reading the book – I was truly in the moment and the anxiety vanished.

I was so lucky to have such lovely children to read to, it was so amazing to read Mindful Millie and see the children listening and joining in with the story. Afterwards family members and friends commented that they couldn’t believe how confident I was and how much I had changed since the beginning of my Mindfulness journey.

I cannot thank Samye Foundation Wales enough for letting me use their beautiful building – it was the perfect atmosphere for my book launch. The support that everyone at Samye has shown me, especially Lorraine is incredible and I have learnt so much from them about compassion and the importance of mindfulness.

You can get your copy of Mindful Millie here

or your copy of Mili Meddwl here

Louise x