My beautiful baby girl

An anonymous guest post.

My beautiful baby girl. I never expected her to turn my world upside down having had the other two already do that for me one way or another! Oh how I longed to be the eco mum with the eco baby this time around. Sure I can ‘baby wear’ well put her in a wrap and carry her everywhere….Except she rebels and squirms and wriggles when doing it at home. Out and about it is wonderful, I guess so much more to see. Not to mention I’m always running late so in a rush, the movement must be soothing haha. I’m secretly relieved and terribly guilty that she doesn’t enjoy it so much at home now.

The breastfeeding, I thought I could do it this time, I wanted to do it “no formula or bottles in this house please!” I thought I WAS doing it, but no, poor little beautiful baby was suffering through my determination to do the ‘right thing’. So ok we have a mixed fed baby, at least she’s getting some of my milk right?

The nappies, definitely no ‘lack of access to the washing machine’ excuses this time round though, but let’s face it this bit is easy- buy reusable nappies, put them on baby, wash and repeat. But not so simple, she leaks through them EVERYTIME. Clothes and nappies in the wash daily, bedding spoiled every night, this can’t be good for her. Ok so disposables at night. I’m still helping save the planet just a little bit right?

*semi eco mum, semi eco baby*

I’ll have to settle for that.

Luckily I can still enjoy outings with my little bundle strapped close to my body.

Luckily she is now gaining weight and there’s nothing more precious than seeing her milk drunk sleep even if it’s from a bottle or the happy smiling cooing of a satisfied daughter with a full tum.

The reusables may not last the full run until potty training but they look cool, compliments a plenty on the funky designs and I’m trying to do my bit for the environment even if it can’t be long term. Plus it must be more comfortable on her tush too (when dry!) The wipes on the other hand have been a huge it.

Did not expect it to be so different this time around, certainly feel on my toes- read bewildered and out of my depth. But blessed all the same. Must remember when people say “gosh you’ve got your hands full” to reply “you should see my heart”