Interviewing Anna Kirs

Getting to know the talented Pilates instructor Anna Kirs. Once a dancer, now specialising in Body Control Pilates she is an interesting lady indeed.

Anna KirsHey Anna, tell me a little about yourself.

Hi there! My name is Anna Kirs. I am born and raised in beautiful Estonia, lived in Denmark for the past 6 years where I got my education in Global Nutrition and Health to become a health coach and my certification in Body Control Pilates. Now, based in Stockholm.

I have a long background in ballet and contemporary dance, so a lot of my knowledge and practice comes from personal experience in dealing with stress, burn-out, anxiety, depression, nutrition-related issues and physical injuries. Now, I am just really eager to share that knowledge and help people to feel good about themselves and like they’re on top of their game – to enjoy life, instead of struggling constantly!
I feel most alive when I am being able to be creative.
I am a big animal lover, and like to advocate for sustainability and climate change.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

There is no place like home. A few years ago, I took a road trip on an Estonian island called Saaremaa with my mother. We listened to Estonian folk music and just took in the vastness of the nature there. Spontaneously spent the night in an old windmill by the sea side with dozens of swallows waking us up in early morning. I really connected to my home country again, after being away for a long time. So, I’d say Estonian forests, moors. But my heart is also really full when I am at the sea side.

How important is self-care for you?

I have learnt my lessons the hard way – my health and my body are really my compass when it comes to being satisfied and happy. So, I’d say it’s very very important. I still have a long way to go though getting my own habits on the right track and developing healthy routines – old habits die hard, as they say. But as an advocate to healthy lifestyle it’s very important for me to ‘practice what I preach’. That said, I think we all need to cut ourselves some slack every once in a while and not take life all that seriously all the time.

What kind of Pilates do you teach?

I teach Body Control Pilates. It belongs to the biggest and renowned Pilates Associations in Europe and I am very very proud to be representing Body Control as the first instructor in Sweden.

I consider this style very suitable to a very wide range of people with different backgrounds and physical abilities – the exercises and techniques are very easily modifiable to the client’s needs. The aim is to work towards knowledge and habits that are sustainable, something that one could practice in their everyday life – I’ve had many of my clients say that they have become much more aware of their “harmful” habits when it comes to sitting and standing, breastfeeding positions.

This style works with concentration, relaxation, alignment, breathing, centering, co-ordination, flowing movement and stamina. I would have a lot more to say about Body Control and my practice, so if you’d like to know more, feel free to check out my website: .

What made you choose it?

I had a lower back trauma that was unbearable. I was taking a lot of pain medication and didn’t really have a way to take care of myself. I have a really close friend Teele Ude who is also a dancer and a Body Control Pilates teacher, an amazing one at that, and she gave me a quick session during our rehearsal one day when she saw me in pain. Despite my scepticism about Pilates (an unsuitable teacher can do a lot of damage), I was blown away. She helped me release tension in just 10 minutes and the pain was gone. After that she told me about the teacher training in Copenhagen at ROH Studio and I am just so grateful for her guidance!

When is your next course?

I am just starting a new open-level Pilates course at Studio Yogansa. It is taking place every Thursday at 17:00 – 17:50 from 7/2 till 25/4. More info can be found here. I also have a postpartum Pilates class on Thursdays at 11:00 – 12:00 from 7/2 till 25/4. More info can be found here.
In addition to that I teach private classes, duets and closed groups – some people require for me to work with them on a bit more deeper and personal level.

Do you have a Facebook page?

I sure do: Anna Kirs Pilates

Thanks! Xoxo