An a-y of Welsh

ARWEN – My favourite Welsh word & my daughter’s name, it means “fair maiden”

BUWCH GOCH GOTA – ladybird – it translates as “little red cow”!

CLECS – telling tales! Children are often said to be carrying tales when spreading fibs – “cario clecs” in Welsh slang

CHYRLIGWGAN – Merry go round

DANT Y LLEW – Dandylion, translates as “a lion’s tooth”. The mane is obvious but I cant work out which part is supposed to be the tooth!

DDRAIG — Dragon! This is very important to Wales and is even on the flag! You can read more about the legend here. (A mutation (Welsh: Treiglad) of Draig – I’ve been learning Welsh for 11 years and I STILL can’t get my head around mutations… you can read more here.)


EIRIN GWLANOG – Peach, translates as “Woolly plum”

FEDDW – drunk

FFLAM – Flame

NGHAERDYDD – or Caerdydd which you may know as Cardiff, the Welsh capital. Now this lovely word is a nasal mutation… yes, there are 4 different kinds!

GWAS Y NEIDR – Dragonfly, translates as “the snake’s servant”

HOFFI – Like. One of the words from the most popular Welsh phrase “Rydw i yn hoffi coffi” – thank you Gavin & Stacey!

IGAM OGAM – walking in an “all over the place” fashion

JAC CODI BAW – JCB. Translates as “Jack lifts dirt”

LING DI LONG – walking carefree, in no rush at all

LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCH – What a mouthful, people visit this tiny village in Wales just to stand by the sign! There isn’t much there besides a pub and a gift shop. Be warned if you catch the train there, it will be a long wait to ride back. My husband can attest to this!


MOCHYN DDAER – Badger. Translates as “Ground pig”

NOFIO – I love nofio… can you guess what it is? Swimming!

OLAF – This might remind you of a certain fictional film character, but in Welsh it means last!

POPTY PING – Yes this is in fact a Welsh word for microwave – brilliant!

PHOENI – Worry. This is one I’ve heard so many times… “paid â phoeni!” or “Don’t worry!”. This one is an aspirate mutation, but as you’ve probably grasped by now I don’t have a clue whats going on so you can have a look here.

RHEWGELL – Freezer. Translates as “Ice cell” – sinister…

SBONCEN – Squash, as in the game!

TWPSIN – Welsh slang for stupid

THAD – Father, when used as an aspirate mutation – Ei thad hi – Her father

UN AR DDEG – eleven, or more literally “one on ten”

WIWER – Squirrel

YCHAFI – Disgusting! usually pronounced in a drawn out fashion – “YYYCH-AAA-FIII”.

I hope you love Welsh as much as I do!

Louise x

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