Why We Love Mindful Millie 

A post by Katie.

If I had a list of things which help me with my mental health, talking and mindfulness would be right at the top.  For years I bottled up my feelings, and it was only when I started to talk about them that I got better.  I wasn’t out of the darkness however, and after a bad experience with medication, I was thankful to come across mindfulness.

As time went on and I started to see a lot of me in my children, I worried that they may struggle with their mental health like I did, and I wanted to do anything I could to avoid their childhood being riddled with anxiety.

I remember wishing I had known about mindfulness sooner, as it may have helped me in the countless battles against my own mind over the years.  So when I came across the book Mindful Millie, which was aimed at children, I just knew I had to have it.  Mindful Millie has introduced my children to mindfulness from an early age, and I love the fact that they don’t see it as learning.

It’s a fun, interactive and beautifully illustrated book which includes mini activities for the children to put mindfulness into practice, really instilling the skills within them to help them tackle the challenges they will inevitably face through life.  We all love sitting down to read it together, it has encouraged each of us to slow down and acknowledge the world around us more.

Then along came Sad Simon who talks about emotions, he shows the children that it’s okay to feel sad and communicate their feelings, echoing the “it’s okay not be okay” message. This book has undoubtedly encouraged my children to be more open which I am so thankful for, as I think many parents worry about their children bottling things up. Whereas now the children tell me what is worrying them without a second thought and we get to talk through things and make them better together.

It is books such as these which will improve our children’s mental health and help them to face the challenges they do when growing up.  Mindfulness should be a tool known to everyone.

5 thoughts on “Why We Love Mindful Millie ”

  1. I work in a nursery and I feel like this would be so useful for the children to read, we do so much teaching through reading that this would be amazing. Do you have a link for where I can purchase the book? What a lovely post, great that you’re putting your children’s mental health as a priority!🧡
    Alex x

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  2. I actually had no idea about this book! It’s such a wonderful piece of work and it’s something so great to start exercising from a young age. I think you’ve done parents a lot of favours by writing about mindfulness with children in mind! I really hope I can gift this to someone with children as I don’t have any of my own. But I will definitely take something from this, mindfulness and learning to be in control of your mind and being in the present, dealing with your emotions, is super important! xx

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